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Two Museums, One Architect

How often does it occur that two neighboring art museums reinvent themselves at the same time with the same architect?

Not very often. In a recent discussion between Tom Lentz, Harvard Art Museums’ Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot Director, and Anne Hawley, Norma Jean Calderwood Director at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, shared their experiences working with renowned architect Renzo Piano on the renovation and expansion of their historic institutions. The Fellows of the Harvard Art Museums gathered in the Gardner’s glorious new theater to listen to the directors speak candidly about their respective building projects.


  • 01 Harvard Art Museums Director Tom Lentz talks about Renzo Piano’s transformation of the Calderwood Courtyard in the new Harvard Art Museums. Calderwood Hall, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, June 3, 2013. Audio: Tom Stephenson. Video: Antoinette Hocbo.
  • 02 Tom Lentz in conversation with Gardner Museum Director Anne Hawley in Calderwood Hall.
  • 03 Tom Lentz discusses the renovation and expansion project.
  • 04 Tom Lentz and Anne Hawley accept questions from the audience.