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Piecing Together the Naumburg Room

The Harvard Art Museums’ Naumburg Room comprises approximately 10,000 individual pieces, and as we reported this summer, the construction team has been collaborating with our staff to unpack and reinstall these parts in an improved location in our facility.

Now that the latest reinstallation of this room is nearing completion, we’re experiencing the same wonder that people must have felt in 1932 when Nettie and Aaron Naumburg’s common room was moved from their New York City apartment and reinstalled in the Fogg Museum. This space continues to look just as it did long ago in Manhattan—only better, with refinished wood panels, recreated plasterwork, custom lighting, and climate control. In the coming weeks, we’ll be installing the room’s newly conserved stained glass panels and finishing the stairway that leads from this room to the director’s office and curatorial suites.

See the progression of the reinstallation of this unique period room in the photos above.


  • 01 - 07 Reinstalling the Naumburg Room. Photos: Zak Jensen.