A Prize of Silver

Three pieces of 17th- and 18th-century church silver from Salem, Massachusetts, were recently donated to the Harvard Art Museums.

By Laura Turner Igoe

Critical Conversations

Curators, curatorial fellows, conservators, and other experts capture visitors’ attention with short gallery talks designed to highlight the rich and diverse collections on view. 

Jun Ware’s Imperial Past

A recent visit to China aided curators’ research for the exhibition Adorning the Inner Court: Jun Ware for the Chinese Palace, opening May 20. 

Gifts and Grants Create New Opportunities

Significant gifts and grants recently received from major foundations, institutions, and an individual donor will provide breakthrough support for teaching and learning initiatives and exhibitions in the coming years.  

Straight from the Artists

Conservator-led artist interviews shed light on objects in the museums’ collections.

Clean(ing) Breaks

At the Harvard Art Museums, dusting is no ordinary chore.

Focus on the Feinberg Collection: Nanga Painting

Our latest installation of objects from the Feinberg Collection features unconventional ink paintings, referred to as Nanga painting.

Dante, Illuminated

Harvard undergraduate students in an Italian class on Dante used objects in the museums’ collections to spur their language learning.

All in Perspective

What are sight lines, and why do they matter at the Harvard Art Museums? Find out in our latest "museum-speak" installment.

At Home with Original Art

The museums’ Student Print Rental Program gives Harvard dorm dwellers the opportunity to rent an original work of art.