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A Prize of Silver

Three pieces of 17th- and 18th-century church silver from Salem, Massachusetts, were recently donated to the Harvard Art Museums.

In Focus: Materials Lab

Art appreciation and investigation intersect in the Materials Lab, a one-of-a-kind studio space in the Harvard Art Museums.

Case Studies

Experimenting with 3D-printed models helps our staff nail down exhibition design.

A Welcoming Presence

Harvard student Sophia Feng, graduating this May with a degree in the history of art and architecture, introduced peers and community members to the museums.

The Palace of Croesus Shines Again

Field director Nicholas Cahill tells of the legends of Croesus and of the probable discovery of the king’s palace at Sardis. 

Persian Art, by Way of Florence

A new exhibition this summer highlights Bernard Berenson’s collection of illustrated Persian manuscripts.

Boston-Area Students Talk Museums

The Harvard Art Museums recently hosted an inaugural conference for undergraduates involved with campus art museums in the greater Boston area. Read one student’s firsthand account of the experience.

Uniting Art and Science, Maille Radford Scores a Harvard First

Maille Radford knows the Harvard Art Museums better than most; the graduating Harvard College senior just completed an internship in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies and has been a Student Board member since her freshman year. She’s also the first student to graduate from Har...

Critical Conversations

Curators, curatorial fellows, conservators, and other experts capture visitors’ attention with short gallery talks designed to highlight the rich and diverse collections on view. 

Jun Ware’s Imperial Past

A recent visit to China aided curators’ research for the exhibition Adorning the Inner Court: Jun Ware for the Chinese Palace, opening May 20. 

In Focus: Somerville Research Facility

Our Somerville Research Facility is home to the museums’ archives and a part of our Art Study Center. It also offers storage for some of our collections and is the home of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, the Division of Communications, the Department of Digital Imaging and Visual Resources...