A Welcoming Presence

Harvard student Sophia Feng, graduating this May with a degree in the history of art and architecture, introduced peers and community members to the museums.

Uniting Art and Science, Maille Radford Scores a Harvard First

Maille Radford knows the Harvard Art Museums better than most; the graduating Harvard College senior just completed an internship in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies and has been a Student Board member since her freshman year. She’s also the first student to graduate from Har...

Animating the Lightbox Gallery

As part of the Harvard course Animation/Studio, a dozen students created installations for the Lightbox Gallery that will be shown throughout the spring.

A Revealing Juxtaposition

By comparing color in two different portraits, a Harvard undergraduate provided fresh insights for the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

Drawing on Fresh Interpretations

A Harvard undergraduate has offered a fresh perspective on a work by Rodin, as part of a course that led to the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

A New Attribution

A student’s research helps curators get closer to a proper attribution for one drawing included in the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

Embracing Solar Energy

A new 29.61-kilowatt system of solar panels—94 in all—has been installed on the fourth-floor roof of the Harvard Art Museums.

Dante, Illuminated

Harvard undergraduate students in an Italian class on Dante used objects in the museums’ collections to spur their language learning.

A Student-Centered Approach to Drawings

Student contributions were key in developing the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

At Home with Original Art

The museums’ Student Print Rental Program gives Harvard dorm dwellers the opportunity to rent an original work of art.