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This folio has a gold-decorated margin and an illuminated heading with floral motifs. Two bordered columns below the heading include calligraphy, written at a slant. Decorated triangles in blue adorn the top right and bottom left corners of each column.
An illuminated folio with calligraphy, from an album of calligraphy specimens, Persian, Qajar period, 1854. Ink, colors, and gold on paper. Loan from A. Soudavar in memory of his mother Ezzat-Malek Soudavar, 18.2015.

Art Talk Live: A Persian Calligraphy Album

Gallery Talk

Join us for a discussion of an exquisite Persian album containing decorated folios of calligraphy, penned by the most skilled hands.

In this black and white print, a young man wearing a large, hooded cloak holds a nude woman in his arms. The woman’s eyes are closed. He bends his head down to kiss her lower neck. He has short, dark-colored hair and she has long, blond hair. They stand on the shore of a body of water, which extends behind them. A moon hangs low in the sky beyond the horizon line on the right, and it is partially covered with clouds. To the left of the couple, a fire burns brightly and throws billowing smoke into the upper-left corner of the image. A stone building is perched on the mountain overlooking the water below.
Pierre-Paul Prud’hon (design and etching) and Barthélemy Joseph Fulcran Roger (engraving), French, Phrosine and Mélidore, 1797. Etching and engraving. Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gray Collection of Engravings Fund and the Jakob Rosenberg Fund, G9063.

Art Talk Live: One Print—Five Stories

Gallery Talk

We’ll take a close look at a late 18th-century book illustration by French artists Pierre-Paul Prud’hon and Barthélemy Roger.