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This framed painting shows an older white man in a tuxedo holding a cigarette. At rgiht, the image is reflected in the glass of a gallery.

Art Talk: Max Beckmann’s Self-Portrait in Tuxedo

Curator Lynette Roth examines Max Beckmann’s Self-Portrait in Tuxedo (1927) and the ongoing fascination with this enigmatic painting.

A split-screen image shows on the left six prints in a grid-like pattern: three rows include two colored circular prints each on a square gray background. On the right, a young woman wearing a navy sweatshirt and black apron sits at a table with her hands folded, a bulletin board of artist tools behind her.

Art Talk: Dan Flavin’s Relief Aquatint Technique

Join Christina Taylor to discover the relief aquatint printing technique that artist Dan Flavin used to create Untitled (Paper Disc).

At left, a young woman gestures in front of a large expressionist triptych painting. Two people sit on a bench with their backs to the viewer, and a young person is standing at far right. The painting shows many colorful, shadowy figures in a performance.

Virtual Student Guide Tours

Join us live on Zoom for interactive, thematic tours led by Harvard undergraduates from the Ho Family Student Guide Program!

Two women look closely at one of several prints displayed on tabletop easels on a large gray table. In the background on a projector screen is an image of a dish decorated in blue and green flowers.

Art Study Center Seminars at Home

We may be closed for now, but we’re bringing our experts to you in a new online series, Art Study Center Seminars at Home.

A mummiform figurine of blue faience (ceramic) has painted details in black ink, with a vertical hieroglyphic inscription at the front.

Art Talk: The Ushabti of Princess Maatkare

Join graduate student Inês Torres to learn about the aesthetics and function of ancient Egyptian funerary figurines called ushabtis.

Four college-age students—three women and one man—stand in a gallery looking at a tall wheeled metal sculpture made of bars, curved arcs, and square forms, painted black. Abstract paintings are on the walls nearby.

Art Talk: Doorway on Wheels and David Smith’s Sculptural Practice

Curator Sarah Kianovsky discusses how David Smith revolutionized sculptural practice, looking closely at his work Doorway on Wheels from 1960.

A flowerpot with a matching basin is set against a gray background. The pot is purple on the outside and a light blue on the inside. There is a dark beige line around the rim of the interior of the pot, just above the blue. Two indented lines run down either side of the pot.

Art Talk: Color in Chinese Numbered Jun Ware Ceramics

Conservator Susan Costello discusses the complex chemistry of the blue-and-purple glazes of numbered Jun ware, a rare form of Chinese ceramics.

An illustration that looks colored in with crayons, shows a blue sky behind the text, three pyramids below, a little blue river at the bottom of the illustration, and a palm tree at lower right, in the foreground.

Coloring Ancient Egypt: An Activity Book for Kids of All Ages

Introduce children to the wonders of the ancient world with this new coloring and activity book on art from ancient Egypt.

Five young people stand in front of a long table displaying colorful prints. Rosenblatt, with reddish-brown hair wearing a gray puffy jacket and black pants, is in the foreground. He is looking down at a print that a man on the other side of the table is

New Prints for Students, Chosen by Students

Three members of the museums’ Student Board had a chance last fall to help select prints for the Student Print Rental Program.

By Chris Chow, Yong Han Poh, Daniel Rosenblatt